Unlock Blackberry Tour 9630

  Blackberry unlocking service - Unlock Blackberry Tour 9630

NOTE:Please have your Vendor ID, IMEI And Model Ready for after payment.

BlackBerry unlocks code – Blackberry MEP code - – remote unlock your Blackberry mobile phone with a unique unlocking code and use it with any SIM card worldwide.

Network supported by fast code. 1-24 business hours
Vodafone UK
Vodafone Australia
Verizon USA
Blackberry Tour 9630 TIM Brazil
Blackberry Tour 9630 Vodafone Austria
BlackBerry Tour 9630 Vodafone India
BlackBerry Tour 9630 Vodafone Ireland
Blackberry Tour 9630 TELUS Canada
Blackberry Tour 9630 BELL Canada
Blackberry Tour 9630 locked to Orange UK
Blackbbery Tour 9630 locked to T- Mobile UK
  Any other unlisted network supported too.
  Price : £8.99

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Q: I have been scammed on other websites and they were unable to send the correct code or they sent an invalid code, can I get a valid code from you?

A: Yes, we can supply a 100% valid code to you even if other suppliers were unable to. Our codes are generated from a trusted source and our store is physically located in the UK, unlike other retailers. And our PayPal account is registered as a premium business account, which provides protection to all our buyers.


Q: What if the code doesn't work?

A: Firstly, you can confirm if the code is compatible by comparing the IMEI number that was submitted to the server to the number generated on your phone screen (by typing *#06#). If the number is different, then you will need to re-order and re-pay for a new code, as you have submitted the wrong code.  Also, please double check to confirm that the network your phone is currently locked to is correct, as failure to do so will also lead to re-purchasing of a code.
We are confident that our codes will unlock all phones 99% of the time by using the correct procedure. If not, we will offer you your FULL MONEY BACK guaranteed (within 7 days).
However, if your phone has had too many invalid attempts by using the wrong code from an unreliable source (i.e. eBay scam sites and other bad websites, or using free calc software), then your phone will display one of the following: "Not Allowed", "Code Error" or "Cannot Undo Restriction".  No refund will be providing for this case.

As long as you can provide a video recording of your phone’s IMEI number, along with the corresponding unlocking code that we supplied followed by the error message, then we will give you a FULL REFUND of your money. A video that can provide proof is necessary to our code supplier in order for us to get a full refund.


Q: If the unlock code cannot be found, will I get refund?

A: Yes, we will provide a FULL refund if we cannot calculate a compatible code.


Q: How do I find my phones IMEI number?

1. Turn the power on your phone on (without a SIM card).
2. Type in the following code: *#06# (star, hash, 0, 6, hash) or go to: Settings/ Options – Status.
3. The IMEI number will appear on the phones screen.


Q: How do I find my phones Vendor ID?

1. Turn the power on your phone on (without a SIM card).
2. For most Blackberrys, press and hold “Ctrl + Alt + H” buttons.
3. For Blackberry 9500 Storm the phone screen will bring up a "Help me" page. This shows your PIN, IMEI number, free memory, current battery level, firmware version, and vendor ID.
4. The IMEI number, Vendor ID will appear on the phones screen.


We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions at any time.
Any such changes will take effect as soon as it has been posted on the website and it is your responsibility to read the terms and condition on every occasion you chose to purchase our service and continued use of our service shall signify your acceptance to be bound by the latest terms and conditions.
By ordering our unlocking service, you will agree to the full terms of service stated on this page.

We supply unlock codes for models listed in www.blackberryserver.co.uk , if we cannot supply a code for any reason , or code fails to generate , you will not be charged.
Please note that each unlock code is unique and is calculated by using the phone’s 15 digit IMEI number and current network it is locked to. You should not attempt to enter the unique unlock code into any other phone/s.

We do not and cannot unblock mobile phones that have the IMEI numbers blacklisted by the network provider.
If your mobile phone has been barred by a network, reported as lost or stolen or is subjected to claim on insurance and you chose to order from us, then no refund will be provided as we ONLY supply the unlock codes and NOT of any services/codes to unblock mobile phones.
Please check that the phone is not barred before ordering your unlock code.

Once your order has been submitted and paid for, it is impossible to CANCEL CONFIRMED ORDERS. Customers will have to wait until the whole process has been completed. We will not entertain cancelled requests like you have order from other sellers. In the event that the information you supplied us is incorrect, which may result in us obtaining the wrong code for your phone, we will do our best to update your order before we incur any cost with our suppliers, however once your order been processed in the server, further charges will apply if your order is updated or changed in any way.

If you have exceeded the permitted number of attempts that you can enter the unlock code, please do not order another unlock code. Once you’ve placed your order, no refund is available in this circumstance.

Your full money back is guaranteed, but if your phone has had too many invalid attempts by using wrong code/s from unreliable sources (i.e. eBay scam sites and other bad websites, or using free calc software), then your phone will display “0 attempt”.  No refund will be given for this case.
Full Money Back Guarantee does not apply where customers have sought an alternative unlocking solution before receiving the completed service from us.
If you claim that an unlock code failed to work, we will require * proof of video * or by way of interrogation of the phone software that we supply and the original USB supplied with the handset. It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide correct data. No refunds will be given for incorrect data supplied. However, we may choose to re-generate codes for free or at a nominal additional charge if a genuine mistake has been made.
If you have an invalid code or code error message, you must first agree to allow us to attempt to obtain the correct code. Please do not enter incorrect codes repeatedly in to the phone as this will result in the phone being permanently locked.
Refund will be done via PayPal only, without any fees. Your PayPal account will receive the full amount back. We reserve the right to seek further evidence to support all customer claims.

You must type *#06# (or any other way of displaying the IMEI number on the phone's LCD screen) on the keypad then wait 5-10 seconds until we can clearly see and read the IMEI number displayed on the phone.

If a network has been provided, the carrier logo the phone is locked to should be visible.

Insert a sim card which is not currently accepted by the phone, wait 5 seconds until we can clearly see and read the message displayed by the phone.
Enter the code received by the server, VERY SLOWLY, and the keys being pressed (or touched) must be clearly seen in the video as the code is entered into the phone. If you get an error message, wait 5 seconds so we can clearly see this message.

Make sure the video is focused and the codes, messages, IMEI number are all visible on the phone's display, otherwise your video won't be accepted.

We value your privacy and do what we can to reduce spam. Your unlock code will be sent to you at the PayPal verified e-mail address. From time to time we may need to email you about your order. We will not give your e-mail or personal information to third parties.

Blackberryserver.co.uk takes no responsibility for any damage or data loss that may occur to your mobile phones by entering the unlock code or any software provided.